Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are you doing today, God?

"How are you doing today?"

It is a common phrase. One we casually ask each other all the time in greetings or conversations. It is our way of relating to each other, learning about each other, and opening up with each other.

Today I found myself asking the Lord not How He was doing today, but What.

"What are you doing today, God."

It came out in the same way it does when I talk to another person, very casually... only... sometimes when I am asking someone (I will openly admit) how they are doing... it is because I want to tell them how I am doing...

When I asked God this question... it was in complete Awe of the Work I see Him doing around me. Dots lining us. The Lord took me somewhere today and it was maybe the first time I heard Him speak and listened with  my actions.

When I asked God what He was doing today, it was because I wanted to be involved and I felt His Spirit using me in the plans He has for something big.

When is the last time you asked another person how they were doing today with that kind of enthusiasm?

When is the last time you asked God what He was doing with an yearning to be a part of His Woven Wonder?

I ask because I have had a revelation today. I want to share with you what was on my heart. We are all guilty of self absorption from time to time. Today I will make it a mission in my life to branch out of my personal shell and truly embrace God and His plan for my life, I want to be involved!! I will also try to branch out around me with my fellow humans with that kind of energy as well!

Oh God is so good! Isn't He!?

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