Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank You, God, for Blessing Me by Max Lucado: A Book Review

Ok... First of all: This book is ADORABLE! :)

This story is about a sweet little caterpillar who shares with us his prayer of thanks to God for all his blessings.  He gives thanks for the little things in his life that matter to him and make his life whole, things that most people probably take for granted each day!

I think it's great to see a children's book like that! One that has cute illustrations to capture their attention while introducing a character they can love and a concept they definitely need to learn early! Gratefulness!

If I had any gripes they would be:

1) This book is too short!! I wanted it to be longer and as I was reading it to my kiddos it only felt like a half a second before the book was over. Every night when my kids go to sleep, we try to talk about what they were thankful for during the day and after doing this for a while now, I know there are plenty more things that toddlers and children THINK to be thankful for. This book could have included some other things as well and kept us in story land for a little while longer!

Short books for moms, in my opinion are no good. Kids LOVE to sit on your lap and listen for a while when the story is good! This story is good enough to have been longer!

2) I am sad I got the E-Book version and not the print. I am kicking myself now because this is one book I would have liked to kept on their book shelf in their bedroom for them to pull out and look at or read whenever they wanted to! Books like these need to be in the hands of children, not the E-Readers of parents... Hidden from them and only gotten out when parents have the convenience.

Overall... great book! Great concept! Awesome illustrations... just a little too short! :D

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